Penjelasan dan Contoh Hortatory Exposition

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Ok guys, sekarang akan saya jelaskan tentang hortatory exposition sekaligus saya beri contohnya..

Hortatory Exposition is a text that describes the theory / issues in a comprehensive manner.

- Social Function : To persuade the reader or listener that something should or shouldn't be the case.

- Generic Structure : 
  • Thesis                   : 
          Announcement of issue concern.
  • Arguments            :
          Reasons for concern, leading to recommendation.
  • Recommendation  :
          Statement of what ought or ought not to happen.

And now the example of hortatory exposition :

Smoking in Public Places Should be Banned

            Smoking. An action that often we look every day. In daily life, it is easy to find smokers. Yes, smokers are around us. Smokers think that smoking makes them relax. They don't know the danger of smoking.
            Addicted smokers always smoke their cigarette everywhere they stand on. When they smoke cogarette in public places, it will be dangerous, because there are many people around will be passive smokers.

            Passive smokers that inhale the smoke from cigarette will receive a lot of negative impacts. For example breathless, cough, and the most serious is heart attacked.

              I think, smokers have to know that smoking in public places makes people around more suffer. So, choose a lonely place to smoke.

Ok, that's all about hortatory exposition, May be Useful.

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