Analytical Exposition

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The Example :

Theme / topic : Smoking is dangerous for our health.

Reasons : 
- It can cause our lungs dirty.
- It can cause our breathe smell bad.
- It can decrease our stamina.

Reiteration :
From the all reasons above, smoking can make our life unhealthy and bring some diseases to our bodies

                                                           The Danger of Smoking

        Smoking? Danger or not? Hearing the word " Smoking ", everybody usually will think about the danger of it. Yes, in daily life it's very easy to find smoker around us. Smoking is like a habitual that must be done by smoker addicted. Now, not only adult that smoke cigarette, but also teenager and students who already smoke cigarette too. It's very ironic but it's the fact. Smoking also can cause some diseases to our bodies, such as damage our lungs, make our breathe smell bad, decrease stamina, and it can make our teeth dirty.
        When a smoker inhales the smoke of cigarette, the smoke will come into the body, mainly into yhe lungs, and if the smoke is in the lungs, the substance will be very dangerous because it can damage the lungs, it decrease stamina, and after a long time it can cause death. Not only that, the smoke of cigarette makes smoker breathe smell bad and their teeth will be dirty. So, everyone will go away and you will lost your friends.
        From the all reasons above, we conclude that smoking makes  our life unhealthy and bring some diseases to our bodies.

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