Blackberry Playbook 7-Inch Tablet (16GB)

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Blackberry Playbook 7-Inch Tablet

- Design and Body

BlackBerry PlayBook has a fairly compact size and lightweight, weighing only 425 grams, light enough though still accounting for less light than the Galaxy Tab 7-inch. With a thickness of only 10mm, this tablet does look very thin.
7-inch wide screen surrounded by a touch-sensitive bezel, given at the front of this there is absolutely no buttons. The camera and light sensor at the top while the BlackBerry logo on the bottom of the screen. The screen resolution of 1024x600 pixels, with a very good screen clarity, and unsightly, especially when playing 1080p HD video files, it is very clear. Stereo loudspeakers decorate the screen left and right stereo sound exciting.
The back is made of materials that are not slippery doff while the front is glossy materials. 5MP camera and the BlackBerry logo adorning the back.

At the top there is a button tablets like the BlackBerry Gemini music, as well as a 3.5mm audio jack, while at the bottom there is the Micro USB port and HDMI port.
Blackberry Playbook

- BlackBerry Bridge

BlackBerry Bridge is an application to make a connection between the BlackBerry Playbook BlackBerry phones using Bluetooth so you can access Messages, Contacts, Browser, Calendar, MemoPad, Tasks and Files that exist on your BlackBerry phone. So roughly, your BlackBerry phone not only serves as a modem, but also as a tool to maximize the performance of the BlackBerry PlayBook that is not equipped with a cellular network.

- Cameras

Interface front and rear camera and the exact same simple enough, shoot done with the camera icon on the right. Other icons are access to a video recorder, moved to the back of the camera to the right of the left temporal zooming and activation is geotagging. To go to the menu, you have to sweep the bezel top to bottom. Then came the menus such as access to the photo gallery, Activation stabilization, Image ratio (16:9, 4:3), Auto, Sports and Whiteboard. No resolution options, but from the data available, the resolution is 3MP front camera, while the rear is 5MP.

- Video Recorder

As well as video camera recorder interface front and rear together. Both are capable of recording in 1080p resolution and 30 frames per second, something special for the front camera. Is not really surprising considering the resolution of 3-megapixel front camera. This time there is a choice of resolution, 480p, 720p and 1080p all in 16:9 format. Video recordings are very good, with a resolution of 1920x1080, 25 frames per second, and more than 13000kbps bitrate, the video results are very reliable.

- Connectivity

For a data connection, the PlayBook relies on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth tethering of BlackBerry phones. Moreover tablet can use the HDMI, the display exactly the PlayBook and your TV. WiFi is the type of 802.11 a / b / g / n, while Bluetooth is version 2.1. To connect to your computer Desktop Manager is required to install the driver first. Do not worry, after connecting the PlayBook to the computer will direct drivers installed (minimal OS Windows XP SP3)

- Web Browser (Bridge Browser)

The browser on the PlayBook is one of the main advantages of this tablet. Tabs can be opened just does not seem limited, we opened 20 tabs and still can open again and again. Fast browser performance, scrolling down no "stuck", very smoothly. Adobe Flash is supported, so watch Youtube directly (even up to 1080p), play Facebook games, all can be done. Bookmarking, select text, access history can be done easily. Arrangements are also complete and detailed as what is desired display when opening a new page, a selection of search engines, remember open tabs, font size and encoding. For Content, loading images, flash and java scripts can be disabled to save time and bandwidth. This browser even has a Private Browsing feature.

- The other applications in blackberry playbook

1. Application World

As with BlackBerry phones, PlayBook comes with App World to download applications.

2. Kobo Books

This application is for the PlayBook as well bookshop readers. There are some free books if you are already signed up. Reading books is quite pleasant, with the size and type of font can be changed.

3. Bing Maps

Unlike the Android phones with Google Mapsnya, PlayBook offers Bing Maps. In addition to maps, restaurants and important places can also be searched and viewed maps.

4. Need For Street Undercover

BlackBerry incorporate this popular racing game into a tablet with the goal of maximizing the performance of a dual core processor and graphics card from the PlayBook. This game is running very smoothly, no lag, and very exciting, plus the incredible graphics and stereo sound adds an exciting mobile gaming experience

5. Office

For documents, use the Document to Go PlayBook. There is Adobe Reader, Word to go, Sheet to go, Slideshow to go. In addition to viewing the document you can edit documents

6. Quick Access

Icons Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Facebook, Twitter apparently just shortcuts to the browser, not a real application.

- Third Party Applications

1.Scratch Pad

This application is used to draw and paint with your PlayBook. Quite interesting as a way of making notes and drawing fad.

2.iSpeech Translator

You just say the word, and translators will be "speak" and a translation on the screen.

- Battery Life

With a battery capacity of 5300 mAh, big enough, if used continuously connections survive at least 1 day, but with heavy multimedia usage time will be reduced. Sweperti regular slow charging the battery with the capacity of this.

- Conclusion

As a tablet for multimedia and internet surfing, the BlackBerry PlayBook is very promising. With the high performance, such as the ability to browse the home computer, and true multitasking, it is guaranteed to satisfy gamers and the executives at once.

With this complete features and performance that is very powerful, it is not wrong if we consider the BlackBerry PlayBook browser is one of the best browsers for a portable gadget.

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